Monday, April 1, 2013

She's Baaaaaack!!!

Obviously, my work here is not done!

Here's a picture of second-place Tour De Flanders winner Peter Sagan on the podium.
That's the event's official Twitter feed referring to the Slovakian rider as "naughty."

Am I the only one flashing back to Benny Hill reruns?


Benny Hill was an English satire of lechery that went off the air in the 80s. Not for nothing, but this picture is in black and white!

These attractive ladies are called "podium girls." Because after riding 160 miles, who wouldn't want a kiss from a heavily made-up stranger? And what is the cutoff for calling someone a girl? Menopause?

Of course the whole idea of a "podium girl" is sexist. Women's cycling doesn't put hot boys onstage to kiss the winners. So, we'd call it sexual assault on the subway, but on the podium it's just a goofy guy in a goofy situation.

One tweet, since deleted but captured by summarizes it perfectly.
The podium girls are there to be objectified. He objectified them. The (faux) outrage at his antics is probably misdirected.
By this logic, any woman hired to be attractive, has consented to these "antics." Because boys are just "naughty," and they can't be expected to keep their hands to themselves? And Hooters waitresses are there for the groping? And girls in short skirts are asking for it?


Today's $5 is for the National Partnership for Women and Families, which works to combat sexual harassment. Because it wasn't funny in 1970 and it's not funny now.

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