Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voter Moms

It's here! It's here! Election Day is finally here! Who else is maniacally trying to guess voter turnout by looking at photos of crowded polling places? Who else played the hard rock version of the Star Spangled Banner for the kids at breakfast? Who else is wondering what could possibly take the place of checking the PollTracker app fifty times a day?

Ladies, did this election season make you feel special? From the birth-control/Sandra Fluke episode, through the Personhood Amendments, right down to the Binders Full of Women, what a ride! I think these politicians may want our votes.

Might I make a modest request in return?

Can we please stop referring to all female voters as Moms?

I know, I am a mom. Yes, my kids actually play soccer. But we're not voting for president of the PTA, so please don't treat me as if my world is so provincial that I can only judge it through the window of my minivan.

I guess I should be grateful I'm not a "waitress mom," helpfully pigeonholed by the New York Times as "blue-collar white women who did not attend college." Although, "not all waitress moms are waitresses, of course, nor are they all mothers."

Well, as long as we have that one clear.

Okay, I understand talking about class and gender is kind of tricky. And no one would argue there isn't a huge gender gap in voting patterns. But the only group of men that is consistently referred to by their parenting status is "hipster dads." And that's not really meant in a nice way, either.

It's offensive to be treated as if women's lives revolve around reproduction and childcare. Wasn't the whole point of fighting for contraception and the ERA to make women full participants in society? No one pitches ads to my husband as if he'll vote for the guy who helps him get the kids fed before sports.

I suppose having stupid ads directed at us is better than no ads at all. But, still . . . Let's aim for a little better next cycle.

Today's $5 is for the League of Women Voters. I do love those ladies.

And DON'T FORGET, to do like the Lady Miss Kier says. (Google it if you aren't a child of the 90s.)

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