Monday, October 1, 2012

Trust Women in Kansas

Feeling cautiously optimistic about this story from the Wichita Eagle.

In 2009, radical anti-choice protesters finally shut down the only facility providing abortion within a two-hour radius of Wichita. Firebombing, shooting, and daily harassment hadn't worked. But murder did.

The clinic finally closed when doctor George Tiller, the only provider of late-term abortions to women in Kansas, was shot point-blank in the head while standing in his church. It has been shuttered since then, forcing women to drive hours and confront a 24-hour mandatory waiting period to access health care.

This week, we learn that associates of Dr. Tiller are trying to reopen the clinic. Over the past two years, Kansas has enacted a series of TRAP (Targetted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws, which impose onerous restrictions unrelated to quality of care on these provders. While Kansas is temporarily enjoined from enforcing these laws by the federal court, the state government will place every hurdle they can in front of the Trust Women Foundation, owner of the clinic building.

Dr. Tiller wore a "Trust Women" button every day. In his honor, I'll donate $5 to the Trust Women Political Action Committee, which supports women's rights in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

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