Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Arizona and Indiana strive, but can't compete with Texas in the War on Women

Not that they aren't trying. They really do give it their all.

Forgive me for laying this out like I'm explaining it to my 8-year old - I just read the comments sections of the news articles on this story. Getting a headache from all the ignorance.

Medicaid is a federal program to subsidize healthcare for needy citizens in partnership with the states. The states take the money subject to federal regulations. One of these rules provides that,
Any individual eligible for medical assistance (including drugs) may obtain such assistance from any institution, agency, community pharmacy, or person, qualified to perform the service or services required . . . 42 U.S.C. § 1396a(a)(23)
Hmmm, sounds like Planned Parenthood, right? Because Planned Parenthood is qualified to dispense birth control and perform Pap smears. Among Medicaid recipients alone, 9,300 Hoosiers and 3,000 Arizonans received services at PP in 2010.

How are those Arizona and Indiana legislators going to show that they hate women abortions more than the next guy? How about passing a law that is totally unconstitutional? Yes, of course it will be overturned on appeal. But at least those heathen abortionists will have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to attack it.

Thus, these states have each enacted laws barring Medicaid reimbursements to any healthcare provider that performs abortions or is affilliated with an abortion care provider. This week, two separate federal appeals courts ruled that this was an illegal restriction, upholding the temporary stay that had been granted when the laws were enacted. Because providing abortions does not magically make a doctor unqualified to provide a breast exam.

(Dis)honorable mention for Oklahoma, who, "withdrew federal funding to three Planned Parenthood clinics in Tulsa that for 18 years has allowed them to provide food and nutritional counseling to low-income mothers." Nothing says respect for the sanctity of life like letting poor kids go hungry!

Texas, however . . . Wow! Those people are stone, cold crazy. They already said no, thanks to the federal Medicaid dollars, since taking the money would have forced them to reimburse Planned Parenthood. And if the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals forces them to include PP in the Texas Womens Health Care Program, they will shut the whole program down.

Arizona and Indiana may force providers into court to defend their rights. But Texas  will cut 115,000 women off from services altogether, rather than reimburse Planned Parenthood. That is an impressive level of hatred. Texas is king of the ladyhaters, no contest!

Today's $5 goes to Planned Parenthood, USA. I only wish they could afford to spend all of it on healthcare, not litigation.

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