Sunday, September 30, 2012

Todd Akin Wants to Write My Blog

Would Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin be more likely to be elected Senator in Missouri if he just STFU until November? I'm thinking that he would have better odds if he never opened his mouth for the rest of the campaign.

Yesterday, in an interview with the Kansas City Star, he called his opponent Claire McCaskill "unladylike":
I think we have a very clear path to victory, and apparently Claire McCaskill thinks we do, too, because she was very aggressive at the debate, which was quite different than it was when she ran against Jim Talent . . . She had a confidence and was much more ladylike (in 2006), but in the debate on Friday she came out swinging, and I think that’s because she feels threatened.
Can you just imagine being the reporter? You know it was like ten Christmases came at once for him!

Please, Todd, tell us more.

Congressman, why don't you support the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which ensures that women and men are paid equally for the same work?

I believe in free enterprise. I don’t think the government should be telling people what you pay and what you don’t pay. I think it’s about freedom. If someone wants to hire somebody and they agree on a salary, that’s fine, however it wants to work. So, the government sticking its nose into all kinds of things has gotten us into huge trouble.
Yeah, this guy is about to get a bump in the polls. We ladies cannot get enough of being underpaid and told how to behave. After the "legitimate rape" biology lesson, you might expect Akin's handlers to put the ix-nay on the isogyny-may. I guess not.
Today's $5 is for the Business and Professional Women's Foundation, which works to "to create successful workplaces that embrace and practice diversity, equity and work-life balance convening employers, working women and policymakers to promote systemic workplace change."

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