Thursday, September 27, 2012

Linda McMahon Aint Your Granny

Would you vote Hugh Heffner for Senator? How about Larry Flynt or Bob Guccione? I bet you wouldn't. I hold the First Amendment dear, but NFW am I going to vote for someone who got rich objectifying women. In that vein, I am pleased to see that Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is losing the Connecticut Senate race.

You have to admire McMahon and her husband Vince for building their company from nothing in 1980 to earning $123 million in the the first quarter of 2012. In case you've never channel-surfed on a Monday night, WWE produces scripted wrestling matches of steroid-enhanced body-builders. The audience for their television, pay-per-view and live events is huge, covering a wide demographic. It also serves up homophobia and misogyny as a part of it's standard fare.

Here's the trailer for a terrific documentary on the company, Wrestling With Manhood.

If you're wondering how producing a Bra and Panties wrestling match qualifies you for political office, how about this story line, which is strangely nowhere to be found on YouTube.  From the West Hartford News:
[McMahon] appears on camera in a wheelchair, staring into space as her husband, Vince, berates a woman playing his buxom mistress and orders her to undress, "crawl around" the ring, and "bark like a dog." She complies.

McMahon stays silent as her real daughter physically assaults the "mistress" and her real son physically assaults her husband.
It's weird how the WWE has gotten aggressive about enforcing their copyright to this clip. Every time it appears on YouTube, their lawyers force it down. In fairness, the WWE switched to a more PG format in 2008. Just in time for McMahon to announce her first Senate bid. Hmmm.

You can still watch this clip of McMahon defending WWE to Christiane Amanpour.

Sorry, no. You don't get to spend decades enriching yourself by making rape jokes and then say you were just giving people what they enjoy. If your product encourages boys to think violence against women (and gays, and the mentally disabled, and other races, and other boys) is a normal part of being a man, you cannot run for office as a business owner and proud grandmother. No, not even if you get yourself appointed to the school board and donate to the Special Olympics. (Although I think it shows impressive chutzpah to connect WWE to an anti-bullying campaign!)

I'm not making political donations as part of this website, so today I'll give $5 to the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, because violence against women is just not f***ing funny.

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