Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Double Standard Day

Hello, Ladies.

Were you aware there exists a double standard in the workplace? No? Seems like a feminist utopia to you everywhere you look? Yeah, not so much.

American women are earning 80 cents for each dollar men earn. Often they are bringing home their 4/5 of the bacon to families with no men to share the burden, as one household in four with young children is now headed by a woman. Is it necessary to link to one of the bazillion studies that show that women employed outside the home still do the greater share of childcare and housework, even when they have husbands? Do you live under a rock? I have many things to say about the American workplace being totally family-unfriendly. But for today, let me just point to the totally sexist line of questioning posed to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan last week at the Democratic National Convention.

Ms. Madigan may or may not be considering a primary challenge to current Illinois Governor Pat Quinn in 2014. Ms. Madigan has two children, aged 7 and 4. Obviously reporters felt the need to ask her if she could both parent and govern. Were you thinking, "Wow. Does anybody ever ask that question?” Yeah, that's what she said, too.

Here's an excerpt from the Chicago Sun Times article, which seems to imply that their reporters are the ones with this burning curiosity.
Pressed further on whether she could simultaneously hold both jobs — governor and mom — she said, “I can be the attorney general and do that. There are plenty of women who juggle.”
Reminded that being governor is a lot more demanding than attorney general, she said, “All of these jobs are very demanding. And people who, unfortunately, have to work three jobs and don’t necessarily have health-care coverage — they’re even in a worse situation. So nobody needs to give any pity on what elected officials have to endure.”
Just the way they asked Paul Ryan (children 7, 8 and 9) and Rick Santorum (seven children, between 3 and 20) if they could balance family obligations with political office. Oh, they didn't ask them? That's weird. I wonder why.

Ms. Madigan, in your honor, I will donate $5 to the Chicago Foundation for Women. Thanks for brushing off this preposterous line of questions.

And, the Daily WTF goes to crazy uncle Pat Robertson, who suggests that a man with an uppity wife convert to Islam so that he can give her the beating she deserves.

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