Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Mess in Texas

So, Rick Perry and Todd Akin walk into a biology class ...

Haha, just kidding. Clearly, neither of these guys have ever set foot in a biology class. Why else would Perry's grand plan to remake women's healthcare in Texas direct women seeking birth control to Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

Were you wondering why a woman looking for an IUD would need to listen to a lecture on why she shouldn't have an abortion? 

Welcome to the Texas GOP, where teaching crititcal thinking is forbidden and birth control = abortion. You can't be asking those Crisis Pregnancy Centers Women's Health Providers to give women abortifacients like the morning after pill, IUDs, shots, implants and the pill. That would be violate their freedom of conscience. Duh! has some great articles about this. But, here's a thumbnail sketch. Texas will turn away federal funds for poor women's health, 9 out every 10 dollars, rather than direct any money toward Planned Parenthood clinics. Even though those clinics accounted for 47% of all non-hospital/lab Women's Health Program claims in 2011, and even though none of the clinics receiving these funds provides abortions. Planned Parenthood is currently challenging its exclusion from the program in court. Governor Perry supports sending women to different providers, including Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which are not currently equipped to provide services to non-pregnant women. Moreover, with their ideological bent, many of these centers are staffed by people who believe common forms of birth control cause abortion.

So, in a state with 4 million residents living in poverty, where there has been no taxpayer-funded abortion for 36 years, 160,000-180,000 women will lose access to healthcare next year because their government doesn't like Planned Parenthood.

Sure, there will some unintended pregnancies when women forget to use aspirin as a contraceptive. Sure, some women won't be able to get Pap smears or mammograms. Maybe some will die for lack of early cancer detection. Clearly, it will be worth it to Perry and the Texas lawmakers who can be proud that no taxpayer dollars have gone to fund "affiliates of abortion providers."

You know, I didn't used to think there was a War on Women.

Today's $5 goes to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

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